Baralaba Coal Project

About Cockatoo Coal Limited

Cockatoo Coal Limited is a rapidly growing Australian metallurgical coal producer operating an ultra-low volatile pulverised coal injection (PCI) mine at Baralaba. Cockatoo Coal is currently focussing efforts on approvals to expand these operations from the recently approval 1Mtpa to 3.5Mtpa of product coal.

Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2005, Cockatoo Coal is also advancing emerging coal projects in Queensland, possessing a significant portfolio of pipeline development opportunities in the Bowen, Galilee and Surat Basins. 

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Baralaba Coal

The Baralaba Coal Mine is owned and operated by Cockatoo Coal producing PCI (Pulverised Coal Injection) and thermal coal products for international customers.

The Project is located within the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland, approximately 150km west of Rockhampton and 210km west of Port of Gladstone. The Baralaba North Coal Mine is approximately 5km north of the township of Baralaba.

The Baralaba Coal Mine is an open-cut, truck and shovel mining operation in Mining Lease (ML) 80169 and ML80170.  The run-of-mine production rates are on target with the scheduled ramp-up to 1 million tonnes per annum

PCI (Pulverized Coal Injection) coal (70%) and thermal coal (30%) are produced from multiple seams from the well-known Rangal Coal Measures. Product coal is currently transported via road trains to a rail load out facility east of Moura. All Baralaba coal is currently exported through the Port of Gladstone.

Baralaba Coal Expansion Projects

Coal exploration to the north and south of the Baralaba Coal Mine has identified opportunities for further expansion of the current operation.

Civil work is currently underway to expand the current pit, on the north side of the anabranch. This project, approved in 2013, is known as Baralaba North Project and has the potential to produce approximately 1 million tonnes of product coal per annum.

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The Baralaba North Continued Operations Project (BNCOP) is seeking to increase coal production from the current approved rate of 1Mtpa to a peak production rate of 3.5Mtpa. The project will be a continuation of the open cut coal mine activities at Baralaba North. The BNCOP is at an advanced stage of exploration and moving towards the appropriate environmental approvals.

The Baralaba South Project is approximately 6 km to the southeast of the Baralaba township and 45 km north of Moura in central Queensland.  Feasibility studies are underway to assess the viability of this new open cut coal mine with the potential to produce in the order of 3 million tonnes of product coal per annum.

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